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Ownership is purposeful intention with Justin Roethlingshoefer

February 16, 2023 The Own It Show: Where Everyday People Take Ownership to Create Extraordinary Success
The Own It Show
Ownership is purposeful intention with Justin Roethlingshoefer
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In this episode of The Own it Show, Justin Roethlingshoefer talks about the  order in getting your health right. He provides a framework for understanding how to prioritize health and wellness in your life, starting with the importance of measuring heart rate variability (HRV).

HRV is a metric that helps guide individuals in understanding how their body is adapting to stress and strain and how different activities, behaviors, and habits impact their overall health. A higher HRV indicates a better adaptation to stressors while a lower HRV indicates a weaker adaptation.

The framework provided in the episode consists of a pyramid, with HRV at the bottom, followed by other important factors such as nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and stress management. Justin stresses the importance of focusing on HRV as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, as it provides a language for understanding your body's reactions to different stimuli.

Listen to this episode and learn how Own your life!

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Success is different so own your different!

studies that have come out on HRV show
that a chronically low HRV leads to
chronic illness
10 to 15 years earlier meaning you're
aging biologically faster than you are
this is the onit show where we tell
stories of how everyday people made
ownership theirs hey guys welcome back
to another week of the onit show I'm
your host Justin rothling chauffeur and
if you guys are new here be sure to go
check out the other episodes we're over
200 episodes deep and there's a lot of
great information a lot of great guests
a lot of great conversations
a lot of great topics uh ranging from
health and wellness to uh holistically
integrating value systems building
businesses while maintaining your own
and really kind of giving people
Frameworks for that and so uh if you're
new here
we tell stories of ownership and what
ownership really looks like what a life
in ownership can look like because we're
all looking for more we all want to be
more productive we all want to be more
um inspirational we all want to be more
influential because we all have a
god-game and calling we have a calling
to be world class at something and
that's already inside you it's not
something you need to earn it's not
something that
you uh need to qualify for
you already have it it's just about
going through life and helping you
understand what your god-given calling
and so if you're with us last week we
talked a lot about
order we talked a lot about
figuring out where maybe your order is
and I got so I got an undated inbox

um no inundated yeah I think that's the
word an inundated inbox
of messages basically asking about how
can I how do I determine my order how do
I figure out what this is all about and
so I built a framework that can give you
guys a place to start and that's what I
want to go over today is what does this
framework of proper order look like no
what you're trying to do to own your
no matter if you're a professional
athlete or if you're a beginner who's
never touched foot in this space and
quite frankly if you've never touched
foot in a space this is an amazing place
to start an amazing value
because it's going to save you years and
hours of wasted time energy and
um and just thought power so as we go
through this guys if this resonates with
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because at the end of the day that's all
we're trying to do is help people uh get
clear and concise information that is
truly powerful that changes their lives
so I want to dive in here what does it
look like to create your own
in getting your health right what does
it look like to create your own order
and so at the bottom I want us to think
of the pyramid okay think of a pyramid
and this pyramid
is going to consist at the very bottom
it says HRV heart rate variability
now I know people are rolling their eyes
and goes oh trust in this is like more
technology why do I have to start here
and the reason is it's not because we're
starting with technology
it's because HRV is truly
the language of our body
now if I sent you over to a foreign
and I said okay listener a I want you to
go buy me
uh five apples
and I plop you down right in the middle
uh Japan and I said go buy me five
apples but they need to be this specific
type of apple
and they need to be this size
and you didn't speak the language you
couldn't read the signs you didn't know
where you were going
how successful would you be you might
find it eventually
but it would take you more time
and energy that's possible and if the
reward at the end of the day
wasn't worth the effort
then you'd probably quit
and that's what happens with our health
all the time which is why HRV is such a
powerful tool and a powerful metric
because it helps guide us and know how
our body is adapting to the stress and
strain and how the activities behaviors
habits that we're engaging in or that
we're adding or changing in our
lifestyle are helping us or taking us
further away from where we want to be
so it starts with finding HRV whether
you have an Apple Watch a Fitbit a polar
a garment a whoop band be sure that you
have something that measures HRV they
all do every wearable device measures
HRV even the Obscure ones they all
measure HRV because it's becoming this
world-renowned metric that I've been
looking at since 1998.
and so be sure to understand where HRV
is the higher the number
the more adapted you are to the
stressors mentally physically
spiritually emotionally
the lesser the number
the less adapted you are
mentally physically spiritually
emotionally to those stressors around
HRV is going to help determine
where you focus
in each of these eight areas of
lifestyle and we call these the eight
controllables and I want you to use this
framework as to how do you determine
what you focus on because we can't
change everything overnight and nor do I
expect you to this is an iterative
process and if you give yourself
I would say four months
of intentional Behavior change and focus
you will not recognize yourself in four
months you'll look back and go I don't
know that person I don't know those
habits those behaviors
I don't know I don't I literally don't
recognize what's been going on with that
and so those eight controllables be sure
to write these down or listen to them
nutrition hydration
immune function
self-care and mindset those eight
areas those eight
controllables we call them
have certain habit structures underneath
one each one of them
and to understand if the behavior change
is actually impactful for you what I
want you to do is I want you to choose
two controllables
pick myself for an example
and hydration are two that I know I need
to improve on
I know I need to get better at both of
those don't drink enough water
don't have electrolyte mixes
I don't give time just for me throughout
the day
so the two behaviors I'm going to give
are gonna drink half my body weight in
ounces of water a day
so I'm going to start carrying around
this water bottle perfect I know this
water bottle right here
it's 42 ounces so I'm going to have to
two and a half of these a day amazing
that is my habit that's what I'm focused
and what I've noticed is when I get two
and a half bottles of water in
my HRV is higher than my average amazing

I've done it for four weeks now
and I've seen my HRV average go from 87
to 96.
in that time span amazing obviously it's
working obviously it's alleviating
stress that's been going on in my body
that I was unaware of
thus giving me a greater capacity
same thing with self-care
I all of a sudden took self-care and I
was like you know what every night
I am going to spend 30 minutes
in prayer and breath work prior to going
to bed I'm going to make this a part of
my night routine the other thing I'm
going to do
is I'm gonna in the middle of the day at
from 12 to 12 15 I am going to do
a walk outside and finish
with three rounds of breath work amazing
that's what I've chosen to do and the
same thing I've seen my HRV average come
now my next ones that I'm going to focus
on because I need new sense of habits
I'm going to come back to nutrition
nutrition is another one that I want to
step up
three meals a day is something that I
need to make sure I'm getting in
and two pieces of fruit those are things
that I know I need to get in I need to
be better at that
and I'm going to do the same thing I'm
going to track if my HRV continues to
come up or can or it drops or it stays
the same because uh because then it's
definitely not
The Habit change that I've just added
that's either benefited or not benefited
but now I have a metric that can help me
understand if my behaviors are helping
or not
and the other thing I love about this
is that all of a sudden we don't need we
don't need a device to tell us whether
we've got more stress in our lives or
not we don't need a device to tell us
whether you sleep better or not but I
tell you what when I stay up
until midnight one o'clock and then get
up at six
not only do I not feel great
not only do I feel a little bit more
foggy brained but I see it quantifiably
because my average of HIV of 94 all of a
sudden dips to 75 when I wake up the
next day
so I understand the impact
that not sleeping well does on me
knowing that HRV is the measure of how
my body is adapting to stress and strain
and that is real and the studies that
have come out on HRV show that a
chronically low HRV leads to chronic
illness 10 to 15 years earlier meaning
your aging biologically faster than you
are chronologically
how terrible would it be
if as as Ed mylett says it
you have the opportunity and the power
of one more
what if your power of one more your
opportunity for one more
came 20 years too soon
man that hits home that bothers me every
time I say it
and it inspires me to continue to want
to look at this and get that HRV up and
understand the language of my body and
say Justin body I want to help you I
want to create this
and so that's the order that's where we
start that's the foundation
understanding HRV and the implant impact
on the a controllables choosing two
and you continue to step those up you
continue to make those changes over the
course of six seven eight weeks
continue to add those on
at that point you jump to the second
tier which is testing
if all of a sudden I've gone and I've
got my water dialed in I've got my
nutrition dialed in I've got my sleep
dialed in I've got my immune function I
know that when I drop three days in HRV
that I'm focused on
uh I'm focused on uh maybe phytogen or
echinacea or oil of oregano or something
I've got or a multivitamin where I have
certain types of teas I've got like a
my environment's great my exercise
routine is great I'm dialed in but I
want to now take it up a level made a
little bit more specific
that's where you do your testing
your DNA testing
or your cellular testing
so that you can now get a specific
multivitamin you can get some specific
changes that need to be made
to your nutrition to your hydration to
your immune protocol
that specificity is what becomes really
and this phase right here lasts
somewhere between three and four weeks
where you get it you start learning it
you implement it and now you should
start to see the positive changes in HRV
again you come back to the base that's
why that's where we start
and then as you start living that way
you start going through this and all of
a sudden you're like you know what I
wonder what would happen if I added some
red light to my routine
you don't have to go buy a red light
maybe it's just about getting up and
seeing the First Sunlight in the morning
that's red light naturally produced
I wonder what would happen if I
did a sauna every single day
or I did a cold shower
every morning
I guarantee if you did a cold shower
every morning you'd start to see some
fluctuations in HRV and you can start to
figure out pretty quickly
that you're going to want to do a cold
shower when you see your HIV above your
10-day average versus when it's below
you're going to start to cue in to the
specificity and intentionality of why
you're doing certain things not just
grabbing random tools
you might be like hey I want to get a
continuous glucose monitor to dial my
nutrition in even deeper and see where
the certain spikes
in blood sugar happens so I can start to
what's happening again and when I see
the spikes in blood sugar I'll actually
be able to correlate it back with a drop
in HRV the next day
and so that order that we just went
through HRV a controllable sit at the
is then on top of that
your tools
then get layered on top of that
all while through the entire process
you should have a coach you should have
an expert you should have somebody that
is allowing you or able to filter
all your questions for you because the
biggest mistake I see is that people
talk to
their sibling who's an expert in this
they have a personal trainer they're
talking to about this they might go to a
functional medicine doctor they're
talking to about this they're listening
to the latest podcast on that they're
talking about this they're getting uh
information from some Guru on Instagram
that's talking about this
and all of a sudden there's conflicting
information pieces and you get back into
this cyclone
of confusion
and the devil loves confusion evil loves
because then you don't know what
direction to go you don't know whether
it's up whether it's down whether it's
left whether it's right
and then you're just like ah you know
what it's not for me
I'm going to continue to drive my
car that's just beaten and not real nice
and not Steward it like it's God's
Temple that you're carrying God's
calling in
and so if you come back to order you
come back to that order HRV and the a
control was at the bottom
testing on top tools on top of that
integrate a single point of contact a
single trusted source
that you can filter everything through
that becomes your time energy Shield
you're going to be able to go faster
meaning seeing results quicker you're
going to be able to feel like you
understand it and comprehend
at a higher level
and you're going to feel empowered
because the decisions you're making and
the processes and where directions that
you're going are going to be so much
more impactful
when we increase competence we increase
Clarity when we increase Clarity we
increase confidence we increase
confidence we increase consistency we
increase consistency
creates the change that you're looking
as we talked about guys if this is
resonating with you if this is something
that's been a value share it with
somebody share it with somebody you love
somebody who's struggling somebody who's
like man I've been going in circles I
don't know where to go I don't know
where to turn
give this to them give this to somebody
who needs something to be able to
understand where they need to begin
where they need to start
and leave a comment leave a little
review share it on social so that we can
reach more people
and as you guys go back
take this to Heart
take this to heart this is something
that I I want you to realize the
greatness that you have inside of you I
want you to feel that this vibrant
energy that exists
because that's the life and body that
we've been given
and just because
your heart is pointed in the right
direction doesn't mean your body will
get the message
habits are going to eat willpower for
breakfast and willpower will never be
and so we have to make sure
that we have these things in proper
order we have to make sure that we have
our systems processes set up in order
just like our businesses
success is different so own your
different we'll see you guys next week