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Ownership is pure responsibility with Graham Cochrane

March 13, 2023 The Own It Show: Where Everyday People Take Ownership to Create Extraordinary Success
The Own It Show
Ownership is pure responsibility with Graham Cochrane
Show Notes

In this episode of The Own It Show  hosted by Justin  Roethlingshoefer, entrepreneur and author Graham Cochrane shares his thoughts on the concept of ownership. Graham emphasizes that ownership  taking complete responsibility.

Throughout the episode, Graham delves into his personal journey as an entrepreneur and author, sharing how he has learned to take ownership of his life and work. He provides valuable tips and insights for anyone looking to take ownership of their own lives and serve others.

Graham emphasizes the importance of being accountable for one's own choices and actions, and the impact they have on others. He believes that true ownership requires a willingness to take risks, to learn from mistakes, and to keep pushing forward in pursuit of one's goals.

Listeners will come away from this episode feeling inspired and motivated to take ownership of their lives, and to embrace the challenges and responsibilities that come with it. Graham's engaging storytelling and practical advice make this a must-listen episode for anyone looking to live a life of purpose and impact.

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